Notice of the 5th Business Capability Demonstration Activity and Regular Meeting of the Research Group in 2019
一. Activity time: 14:00-17:00 in the afternoon on December 20
二. Location: South Teaching Building 112
三. Speech process:
Serial number         Presenter                            Subject
1      Zhang Meng (Training Department)     Four Seasons Wind Research Group Management System
2               Li Dandan              Reported on business trip "Qingyang Petrochemical LDAR Construction Database"
3                   Xia Zhitong                     Requirements for the collection of land use survey information for key industries and enterprises
4                   Liu Zhongyuan                Sampling process in practice outside
5                  Li Xiaoqiong          Introduction to Ion Chromatography Technology
6                  Wang Zilin             Calculating the source intensity of unorganized organic pollutants for LDAR
7                 Xu Tonggao                Oil and Gas Recovery-Comparative Analysis of "Condensation + Adsorption" and "Adsorption + Absorption" Process
8                Ma Kaifang                On-site Practice of Enterprises-LDAR Detection
9                 Wu Xiaoyu                     The effect of ZSM-5 modification on the aromatization performance and regeneration performance of C6 and C7 olefins
10                Zhao Shuang                    Reading literature experience sharing
11                Liu Qinglong                     A smart safety risk management and control system for chemical parks based on key technologies for safety in chemical processes