The pre-graduation defense of 2019 graduate students of the Fourth Monsoon Research Group
was successfully held

On April 7, 2022, the pre-defense of the graduate thesis of the major of Environment, Safety and Chemical Safety of class 2019 was successfully held in the conference room A121 and A119 of Engineering Department of China University of Petroleum (East China). The security professional defense team members include Teacher Zhao Dongfeng, Teacher Liu Yi, Teacher Meng Yifei, teacher Lu Shuai, teacher Chen Qiang and Yin Fa Bo, Zhou Chao, Zang Honglong and other center experts; The defense team of the environment major includes Teachers Zhao Dongfeng, Li Shi, Wang Yongqiang, Lu Lei, Liu Chunshuang, Han Fenglei, Wang Gang, Liu Qiyou, Zhang Qingdong, ouyang Zhenyu, Sun Hui, Dai Anguo, Wang Ge, Tian Cuifang and other experts of the center. All graduate students participated in the defense. Due to the epidemic situation, online and offline defense activities were adopted.

The students who participated in the thesis defense made a detailed report from the research topic background, core content, experimental scheme, technical route, conclusion and outlook. Afterwards, the teachers and experts of the defense team put forward pertinent guidance from data sources, research content, innovation points and experimental methods by asking questions in simple terms and combining with the presentation of the thesis pre-defense content. The students also answered the questions of the teachers and experts and recorded them on the spot.

The purpose of this defense activity is to find some problems in the subject through the detailed report and understanding of the respondent and the suggestion of the teacher of the defense group, and arrange and adjust the preparation work of the next stage of defense reasonably. At the same time, junior students can learn about the research direction of the research group through the report of their senior brothers and sisters, and make a plan for the next step in advance.

Figure 1 Wei Ampei is reporting the project "VOCs Emission Accounting and Standard Upgrade Evaluation of an Oilfield Enterprise"

Figure 2 Qu Chuan is reporting the project "Research on Resource Utilization of Low-quality Fly ash in the Self-owned Power Plant of a Refining and Chemical Enterprise"

Figure 3 Xu Lei is reporting the project "Research on the Establishment of Pollution Control Technology and Methods for Seawater Cooling Utilization"

Figure 4 Zhu Kailixue is reporting the project "Research on CO2 Capture Performance of new Two-phase amine Absorbent Based on TETA"

FIG. 5 Pantian is reporting the project "Design and Synthesis of Mil-101 based adsorbent and Study on adsorption performance of toluene"

Figure 6 Liu Zhongyuan is reporting the project "Preparation of metal-organic framework materials and Study on adsorption performance of toluene"

Figure 7. Maidan Mortarifu is reporting the project "Research on multi-objective Hydrogen Supply Chain Optimization Model and its Application".

Figure 8 Zhang Fengyi is reporting the project "Research on Hydrogen Transport Explosion and Explosion-proof Wall Layout of Comprehensive Energy Supply Station"

FIG. 9 Zhao Shuang is reporting the project "Development of Safety Performance Indicators of Chemical Enterprises based on text Mining".

FIG. 10 Yang Yulong is reporting the project "Research on Evaluation of Anti-Explosion overpressure of Buildings in Chemical Enterprises"

FIG. 11 Dang Mengtao is reporting the project "Research on risk Classification and storage safety of Aromatic nitro Compounds Based on Flammability and Explosion Characteristics".

FIG. 12 Li Hongbin is reporting the project "Preventive Maintenance Research of Petrochemical Enterprise Chain Instrument Based on Life degradation"

The thesis defense is a process of increasing knowledge and exchanging information. The students who participate in the defense can obtain valuable modification opinions from the teachers and experts, so as to have a deeper understanding of their own topic and make clear the preparation work of the next defense. Students from other grades also learned about the research direction and innovation points of the research group from the carefully prepared report content of the senior brothers and senior sisters, so as to learn from the experience and lay a solid foundation for the following postgraduate planning.

The pre-defense of the graduation thesis is the key link before the final defense of the graduate thesis. The research group will strictly control the quality of teaching with a rigorous and standardized spirit and do a solid job in the guidance of the thesis.