Fourth China CCPS Process Safety Conference Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues:

      China University of Petroleum (East China), China Chemical Safety Association American Institute of Chemical Engineers for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) will be held the fourth China CCPS Process Safety Conference in Qingdao, China in June 2016, 1-3. The conference is the American Chemical Engineering Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) of "Global Process Safety Conference" series of meetings aimed at professionals in the field of process safety at home and abroad, government officials, university researchers and research institutes to provide an academic exchange and best industry practices sharing platform to improve the overall level of process safety in China. If you have the following topics or related manuscript, welcome to submit.

      First, the essay content areas:

      Call for the meeting includes the following topics:

      1, PSM Development in China

      2, the process of global security outlook

      3, domestic and international experience in the implementation and technical elements of PSM

      4, process safety laws, regulations and standards

      5, process safety technology

      6, consequences and risk assessment methods

      7, Emergency Response Planning

      8, accident investigation and experience sharing

      9, the chemical industry environmental risk assessment

      10, LOPA & SIL

      Second, Essay time

      Abstract Submission Deadline: March 20, 2016
      Paper audit results notification time: April 1, 2016
      Paper submission deadline: May 15, 2016

      Third, Document Requirements

      1. Essay requirements closely conference theme, view clear, clear expression, text specifications, as far as possible with the actual.

      2. The manuscript text characters does not exceed 5000 words, abstract of no more than 300 words, 3-6 keywords.

      3. The document language is Chinese or English (English manuscript required Chinese summary).

      4. The manuscript does not involve confidential content requires the signature of non-controversial, non-plagiarism. In the event of legal or economic disputes be held accountable by the contributor.

      5. Manuscripts should be original, not published in international journals too. Manuscript submissions and can not.

      6. reviewer has the right to make the necessary textual documents falsified. If you do not agree to declare in advance when pruning submission. Authors should submit papers in peer reviewers proposed amendments within one week after.

      Fourth, the submission address