【Academic report】PhD Thesis report high levels of outstanding do
      Invite Faculty outstanding doctoral graduates and post-doctoral Wang Guowei Jiang Bo for everyone to do thesis writing experience exchange.
[Time]: January 21, 2016 2:30 pm
[Location]: Engineering Building A617
[Requirements]: all graduate students to participate, go with a problem, we will exchange the main, we have a problem after senior senior sister apprentice combined their experience to explain

      Wang Guowei, female, Ph.D in 2011, under the tutelage of Professor red mountain, is now engaged in research work light alkane dehydrogenation catalyst. Published during the PhD thesis 15, one for SCI retrieval seven (plus impact factor and 33.2, where two impact factor 7.572), one for EI retrieve one. In the second invention applied for national invention patent 5, an authorization; participating countries, oil and other three projects; eligible for PhD national scholarship, graduate Shandong Province outstanding scientific and technological innovation award and many other honors.​
      Jiang Bo, male, PhD 2011 students, under the tutelage of Professor Zheng Jingtang, mainly engaged in plasma treatment technology, advanced oxidation technology research and restoration work in the field of heavy metal. In the first or corresponding author published nine identity, both for SCI top journals; wherein the paper appeared in the "2014 China hundred most influential international academic"; invited Professor PJ Cullen of Dublin University of British participation by its editor bibliography "Nonthermal Plasma for Food Processing" in which the tenth chapter "Nonthermal Plasma for Effluent and Waste Treatment" write; applications for invention patents (three inventors) 13, has authorized nine; get 2013 "the Ministry of Education technological invention Award second prize, "in 2014," China petroleum and chemical industry Federation of Science and technology Award third place "and the 2015" Shandong Province Science and technology progress Award "each one; get 2013 school gifted education program funded Bopei ; the 2012 "PhD national scholarship"; get 2013 session of the "王涛英 only scholarship"; get 2013 "Yanchang petroleum scholarship"; get 2015 "PhD national scholarship"; get China University of petroleum (East China) tenth "Ten Outstanding academic" title.