Held on the fifth "World of Bodrum Cup" National Undergraduate Petroleum Technology Innovation Forum

Each oil other universities:

      In response to "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the call of the country and improve the technological innovation capability Students, Students' interest in scientific research, and enhance exchanges and cooperation between the institutions of oil, and jointly promote the college students carry out scientific and technological innovation, thus creating a group scientific and technological innovation ability, to adapt to high levels of petroleum technology professionals and social development, China University of petroleum (East China) is organizing the fifth "World of Bodrum Cup" National Undergraduate petroleum Technology innovation Forum, invite domestic oil colleges participate. Specific matters notice as follows:

      First,forum topic

      Creating the future science and technology innovation inspired wisdom

      Second, organizations

      Organizers: China University of Petroleum (East China)

      Sponsor: Beijing Bode Cedel Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.

      Third, arrangements for the Forum

      1.invited to participate in Universities

      Time: October 24, 2015

      Forum Organizing Committee to all colleges and universities to participate in the forum issued a notice, the university in October 24, 2015 Registration Form will be fed back to the forum mailbox bodeshida2015@163.com, Registration Form in Annex 1.

      2. the participating colleges and universities call for entries and submit

      Time: Year 2015 10 21 - November 20

      Works Category: Works divided into "academic" and "practical" two types, requiring contestants for related technical issues facing the oil sector, put forward the scientific, innovative, effective optimization methods and solutions.

      Academic: the papers, limit unpublished papers. Each evaluation focused on oil-related academic disciplines to explore cutting-edge and innovative.

      Practical: the contestants combined expertise learned in the oil industry-related areas of research, design gained fruitful scientific work. Focus on the value and prospects of conversions assessment work. Work can be a real problem for the oil sector research or development of practical software, device design tools, process improvement programs, formulation design.

      Work content:

      Submission Requirements:

      Academic work in the form of individual participants, the paper length to 3,000 words is appropriate, pages 3-4, are required to submit "work returns" and papers (see Annex 2, Annex 3). Practical form a team or individual participants, teams of not more than five people is required to submit "work declaration", "work instructions" (see Annex 4, Annex 5).

      After all participants need to work before the deadline to send the necessary materials packaged forum mailbox bodeshida2015@163.com. File is named: sub-forum name + type + name + work + school education.

      3. Op Review

      Time: November 20, 2015 - November 26, 2015

      Experts on the various participants work submitted for review and scoring, in accordance with the high and low scores to determine the list of participants who've sent invitations, and published online.

      4.outstanding works report

      Date: December 5, 2015

      Report will be held in Qingdao, arranged by the organizing committee.

      5. The awards ceremony

      Time: December 6, 2015

      Fourth, the Forum schedule

      Fifth, collect objects

      Domestic oil colleges undergraduates, postgraduates.


      Grand Prize works: 1, award certificates, awards Internet brand notebook computer;

      Prize works: 3, award certificates, cash prizes of a brand tablet;

      Second prize works: 7, award certificates, cash prizes of a large-capacity mobile hard disk;

      Third prize works: 11, award certificates, cash prizes of brand sports a smart bracelet;

      Outstanding Paper Award: Some names, award certificates and souvenirs.

      All finalists The Students Petroleum Technology Innovation Forum's work will be "the fifth" World of Bodrum Cup "National Petroleum Technology Innovation Forum the result set students" included.

      Seventh,other related matters

      1.Please schools on October 24, 2015 will be the fifth "World of Bodrum Cup" National Undergraduate Petroleum Technology Innovation Forum to Participate in College organize contacts single receipt sent to the mailbox bodeshida2015@163.com.

      2.be sure to November 20, 2015 will be submitted to the forum participants the necessary materials dedicated mailbox bodeshida2015@163.com, after expert review published've finalists list November 26.

      3. he current college students Petroleum Technology Innovation Forum selected works will charge no author page charges and payment of royalties, the outcome of the case was set exchange material, does not have a formal Issues, does not affect the participants OF contributor to academic journals.

      4.the organizer is responsible for participants accommodation and other costs, and a certain amount of subsidies given to their travel expenses, conferences do not charge registration fee.


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China University of Petroleum (East China)

  October 20, 2015