Four Seasons Wind Research Group's 2017 graduate thesis pre-defense arrangement

Pre-defense time: March 20, 2020 9:00-12:00
Place of defense: Zoom meeting online (the specific link will be released on 3.20 at 8:15 am)
Pre-defense requirements: Control the response time within 15 minutes, and report off the draft
Participating respondent, sequence and subject:
Safety direction 2017 year-end paper report
Serial Number   Name Student Number Thesis Title Supervisor
1 Dong Hanhai Z17030304 Study on the Influence of Graphene on the Corrosion Resistance of Waterborne Acrylic Coatings Liu Yi
2 Chen Jian Z17040479 Study on the Explosion Characteristics of Propane/Dimethyl Ether Liu Yi
3 Wang Yanchun Z17040487 Study on the thermal hazard and mechanism of p-toluenesulfonyl hydrazide Liu Yi
4 Wang Wei Z17040490 Study on the thermal hazard and thermal decomposition mechanism of azobisisobutamidine hydrochloride Liu Yi
5 Liu Zhenzhen Z17040484 Research on Establishment Method of Failure Database in Petrochemical Enterprises Lu Shuai
6 Shi Jiana Z17030269 Research on Risk Assessment and Control Measures of Typical Series Pressure of Hydrotreating Unit Zhao Chaocheng
7 Yan Wenqi Z17030331 Research on Risk Acceptance Standard of Urban Refinery Zhao Dongfeng
8 Kan Yufeng S17040607 Research on Reliability Evaluation of Safety Instrumented System Considering Human Factors Zhao Dongfeng
9 Sui Siyu S17040604  Intrinsic safety assessment of urea plant and analysis of explosion mechanism of exhaust system based on process simulation Zhao Dongfeng
10 Zhan Zonghong S17040602 Research on Safety Standardization Construction of Hazardous Chemical Laboratories Zhao Dongfeng
11 Wang Xiaoying Z17040495 Research on Correction Method of Important Parameters for SIL Grading of Safety Function Loop Zhao Dongfeng
Environmental direction 2017 year-end thesis report
Serial Number Name Student Number Thesis Title Supervisor
1 Zhao Haonan S17030515 Research on the Pollution Reduction Measures and Effectiveness of Typical Petrochemical Enterprises in Heavy Pollution Weather Zhao Dongfeng
2 Liu Wenbo S17030525 Research on VOCs Grid Monitoring Method of Typical Petrochemical Enterprises Zhao Dongfeng
3 Cui Shuai S17030530 Research on Pollution Production Coefficient and Pollution Production and Emission Situation of Oil and Gas Extraction Zhao Dongfeng
4 Liu Shaoshuai S17030536 Research on the Construction of Information System for Petrochemical Enterprises' Pollution Discharge Permit Operation Zhao Dongfeng
5 Zhang Anni Z17030369 Research on Hazard Identification and Effective Utilization Technology of Waste Methanol-to-Olefin Catalyst Zhao Dongfeng
6 Xue Yuan S17030527 Research on Post-evaluation and Law Enforcement Methods of Pollution Discharge Permit in Petrochemical Industry Liu Chunshuang
7 Bai Xue S17030528 Study on Granulation of Denitrification and Ammonia Oxidation Sludge and Its Influence by SMX Liu Chunshuang
8 Liu Xin S17030529 Study on Catalytic Performance of 3DOM Manganese-based Perovskite Catalyst for Combustion of Toluene Wang Yongqiang
9 Liu Huaxin Z17030368 Research on Dissipation of Organic Liquid Storage Tank and Thermal Incineration Treatment Technology Wang Yongqiang
10 Xing Yabin S17030532 Study on the preparation and application of surplus activated sludge-based activated carbon in petrochemical enterprises Li Shi
11 Song Kunli S17030533 Simulation Study on the Performance and Mechanism of Activated Carbon Adsorbing Benzene Li Shi
12 Luo Qingfang Z17030367 Research on VOCs Emission Characteristics and Emission Reduction Measures of Petroleum Refinery Plants and Surrounding Ambient Air Li Shi
13 Pan Zhichao Z17030363 Research on the Technology of Treating VOCs Gas by Multiphase Absorption Method Zhang Qingdong
14 Li Ting S17030534 Distribution and migration characteristics of soil pollution in petroleum refining enterprises Han Fenglei
15 Zhong Huangrong S17030535 Experimental Study on Catalytic Degradation of Toluene by Coupled with Low Temperature Plasma Han Fenglei
16 Sun Yingce Z17030362 Analysis and Technical Research of Petrochemical Enterprises' Pollution Discharge Permit Implementation Report Zhang Yunbo
17 Wang Linchong Z17030364 Research on Micro-ecological Characteristics and Remediation Technology of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil Zhang Yunbo