2016 "Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection Compound Talents Training International Cooperation" Project

      2016 "Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection Compound Talents Training International Cooperation" project has started registration for the good work of this project, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

      First, a basic introduction to the project

      "Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection Compound international cooperation in personnel training project" by the China University of Petroleum (East China) School of Chemical Engineering, security, environmental protection and energy saving technology center approved by the joint declaration, contains selected professional chemical engineering, safety engineering, chemical safety and environmental engineering, selected each year four teachers or students to the United states, Texas, Texas A & M Institute for learning, including visiting scholars, doctoral students, graduate. After a rigorous selection selection in 2015 was admitted to the project four officers have been dispatched to the academies.

      Second, the quota

      2016 "Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection Compound international cooperation in personnel training project" proposed selection of four persons.

      Three. Application conditions

      1. Chinese nationality, love the motherland, has good political quality, no law and discipline records, returning from school professionalism and responsibility for the construction of the motherland and services;

      2. academic achievers, physical and mental health, with a solid foundation of professional and scientific research ability; the applicant should have a good command of foreign languages;

      3. To achieve CSC requirements on foreign language proficiency;

      4. Visiting Scholar must China University of Petroleum (East China) in preparing teachers with a doctorate; doctoral or master need to China University of Petroleum (East China) students.

      Fourth, the selection methods and timing

      National innovative international cooperation in personnel training projects will follow the "open, fair and just" principle, to take "individual applications, unit recommendation, expert review, merit" approach to selection. Meet the eligibility criteria for students or teachers, the school examination and approval, according to prescribed procedures and practices apply. CSC will be based on the project requirements, application materials will organize experts to review and determine admissions officers based on expert opinion.

      According to schedule the deployment of CSC and the school, in 2016 an innovative type of international cooperation in personnel training projects selected working time and process as follows (subject to change, with the latest release information subject):

      1. December 10 - February 24: Applicants fill out the "China University of Petroleum (East China) 2015 national innovation-oriented international cooperation in personnel training project application form" (for students) and the "China University of Petroleum (East China) public school faculty training abroad application form "(for teachers), apply to the colleges, the College organized three more experts to set up national and international innovation cooperation in personnel training project review expert group to review the applicant materials, colleges and schools, according to the expert assessment results send a list of persons recommended to determine the limits. College on February 24 and the list of persons recommended application form (signed by the competent Dean, School of stamp) were reported to the Graduate School (student category) and Personnel (For Teachers). Personnel and Graduate School after reviewing the application materials to the International Cooperation and Exchange.

      2.February 24 - March 1: International Cooperation and Exchange public selection results.

      3.March 1 - March 20: To send personnel abroad to contact, obtain foreign universities and research institutions to study the proposed invitation.

      4.March 20- March 30: Log publicity personnel to study the national public school system online application and submit the paper material to the International Cooperation and Exchange.

      5.April- May: CSC announce admission results. School enrollment materials distributed, and sent forward personnel training.

      6. June-September: admissions officers have sent.

      Fifth, send and manage

      1. The Institute shall ensure that the relevant schedule sent. Who need to be admitted during the year 2015 to send, not to send New Year's Eve. Who failed to send on schedule before the end of December will send the list of people and reasons reported at the international cooperation and exchange.

      2. The implementation of "contract sent, liquidated damages" approach to the management of overseas students. Students must be signed and notarized before sending in the country "study abroad funding agreement", the margin deposit, for "international travel health examination certificate", for sending through the relevant formalities study service agencies.
      3. Before sending students, school faculty and staff and should be sent where the front line of education, study abroad program with clear requirements and guidance to assist their exit procedures; the same time, strengthening the psychological, spiritual and moral integrity and etc. guidance.

      4. After sending students, the colleges send staff and instructors should strengthen its guidance and inspection, to maintain regular contact and assist CSC embassies (consulates) management and on schedule to return to do outside work / study.

5. "financing study abroad agreement" provides students from abroad arrived in the country within ten days with the "Scholarship Fund to study abroad qualification certificate", "national public school students report to prove" to China to study in the country so that ( consulate) apply only to enjoy the Scholarship Fund after the registration formalities.

6. students during studying abroad, should abide by laws and regulations of the host country, China Scholarship Fund for students studying abroad and the relevant provisions of the "study abroad funding agreement," the relevant agreement, and consciously accept the selection of units and embassies (consulates) management, service return upon graduation should fulfill obligations.

7. funded students with relevant papers, research projects or research in a paper, published publicly, should be marked "This study / outcome / dissertation obtain Scholarship Fund."


      Will teachers, students download the application form (see Annex), and send before February 10, 2016 to lyi77@163.com, late inadmissible.

      VII. Contact

      Liu Yi: 15806569036

      E-mail: lyi77@163.com