China University of Petroleum (East China) safety and environmental protection and energy saving technology center

      1. refined science support system

      Conscience relying on China University of Petroleum (East China), with a large number of professors and scholars in the chemical energy efficiency, safety and environmental and related fields, built a complete system of safety engineering discipline, including Bachelor - Master - PhD of the whole process; at the same time have a national level training qualifications, can be engaged in a nationwide long, medium and short-term production and safety related training.

      2. Hardware facilities located

      Center can rely on China University of Petroleum (East China) existing facilities, with 3,000 square feet of test sites, tens of millions of equipment, 30,000 square meters of international exchange reception center, in research and development, inspection, professional training, the contractor of academic conferences, international exchanges and cooperation in the country show a clear advantage.

      3. extensive cooperation and exchanges

China University of Petroleum (East China) and many foreign oil and chemical companies have maintained close contact. Over the years the center of the domestic petroleum, chemical industry and medium-sized enterprises have maintained close exchanges and cooperation, in terms of domestic petroleum, chemical industry, energy, security, environmental field research, evaluation, training, etc. have a good performance for the various types of chemical development and application of new technologies lay the foundation for security.

Center while maintaining close contact with the competent national authorities, as the center of the State Production Safety Supervision Administration of technical support institutions, mainly responsible presided over or participated in the drafting of the technical specifications of the national production safety, to participate in domestic high-level academic conference, timely grasp of domestic production safety situation and industry-oriented policies.

4. Evaluation of rich experience

In recent years, the center has completed dozens of oil fields, refineries safety assessment, environmental impact assessment, energy assessment work, accumulated a wealth of safety assessment, environmental impact assessment and energy assessment experience, familiar with the domestic and foreign petroleum, petrochemical, water and other industries advanced technology and safety measures, especially for the evaluation million tons refinery, one million tons of ethylene, oil fields, terminals, storage, subsea pipelines is very familiar with, there is the ability to integrate large-scale project safety assessment, and energy content of the environmental impact assessment and evaluation focused projects.

      5. The qualification is complete

      Centre has state Class project-related environmental impact assessment and safety evaluation qualification qualification qualification complete range of business, it can be engaged in safety evaluation of the petroleum, petrochemical and related industries, environmental impact assessment, energy assessment and the appropriate training.

6. international advanced technology concepts and experiences

The Centre is the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) - Chemical Process Safety Centre (CCPS) China Division, is rich in human and information resources and numerous overseas oil and petrochemical industry to assess experience in recent years in Africa, Central Asia have completed safety evaluation six oilfields and refineries, working methods and evaluation of the concept of convergence with the international advanced level. It is currently the only domestic institutions overseas in the evaluation.

7. Tracking Service

Based on past experience in the evaluation of large oil fields, petrochemical and other large projects, occur in the project selection process, equipment selection and layout and other aspects of the regular adjustment center tracking service for the above, by increasing security measures HAZOP analysis of key nodes, Security troubleshooting, and other methods in all stages of design safety review, preliminary design, site construction, commissioning and other intervention, auxiliary enterprises reduce risk, eliminate hidden dangers and reduction of accidents tracking service, improve the safety of the nature of the enterprise, to achieve safe production .

     8. Technical force

     Centre is also affiliated units State Production Safety Supervision Administration of oil and gas production safety Technology Center by the Petroleum University chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, exploration and development, oil and gas storage and transportation security as well as professional engineering and other domestic famous professional composition, so that the evaluation work center there is a strong theoretical basis.

      Understand the relevant national legal standards 9. thorough specification requirements

      Center is mainly responsible for participation in the preparation of guidelines for safety assessment and revision of the national requirements and more profound understanding, many of the petroleum and petrochemical industry safety, environmental protection and scientific research, can effectively improve the safety of the nature of the project.

      10. Within the industry at home and abroad have a good performance status

      The center of all evaluation items are one-time review by the government and enterprises, has a good reputation and performance.

      11. The research center

      Research team involving safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

     (1) Security

      long-term operation of chemical plant security technology research;

      chemical process simulation platform multifunction security research;

      Production Process Safety Testing Technology Petrochemical;

      chemical production and application of risk assessment techniques;

      offshore oil facilities quantitative risk assessment techniques;

      Key technology research chemical equipment residual strength evaluation and risk control;

      Process Safety Dynamics Simulation and Application of Technology;

      chemical plant HAZOP technology and applied research;

      Behavior Security System diagnostic assessment;

      corporate safety culture establishment and application.

     (2) Energy Saving

      Development of petrochemical enterprise energy-saving technologies;

      petrochemical enterprise system energy optimization of technical analysis;

      Research and Application of the theory of heat transfer in the refinery project;

      clean combustion technology and efficient, low-pollution combustion research facilities;

      petrochemical enterprises and petroleum engineering systems and energy saving optimization techniques;

      Heating Technology and Reliability of energy-saving equipment ⑥.

     (3) Environmental

      Petrochemical wastewater treatment and integrated application of technology ;

      petrochemical enterprises "stench" Contamination Assessment and Comprehensive Control Technology;

      Sludge Reuse Technology oil;

      Comprehensive Control Technology of chemical waste biodegradable ④.