Notice of the 4th business ability display activity and regular meeting of the research group in 2019
一. Activity time
14:00-17:00, November 29th
二. Event location
Western District 202
三.Speech process
Serial number     Presenter                                  Subject
1          Yin Fabo (Chief Engineer)            Specification Explanation-"GB18265-2019 Basic Requirements for Safety Technology for Hazardous Chemicals Operating Enterprises"
2          Zhao Fengjie (Ministry of Environmental Technology)   Calculation of the Regional Emission Reduction Plan of Volatile Organic Compounds
3          Zhang Yunrui (Research group)         Comprehensive interpretation and analysis of the work within the system such as civil servants and public institutions
4    Liu Qinglong (Safety and Technology Department)      Smart Security Risk Management and Control System for Chemical Industry Park
5          Zhou Shuo (Research group)           Laboratory safety accident
6          Wang Ge (Testing Center)             Application of Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer in Volatile Organic Compound Detection
7          Dang Mengtao (Research group)        Tips for document translation
8      Zhou Xiyou (Safety Technology Department)  Identification and classification of major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals
9          Pan Tiantian (Research group)           Sharing of experience in recent experiments
10  Sun Wenjing (Ministry of Economics and Clearing)  Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission Source Items of Petrochemical Enterprises
11         Guo Wenwen (research group)             Difficult and easy financial work
12     Zhang Hongyu (Safety Technology Department)   Process introduction of ethylene cracking unit
13         Wei Anpei (research group)               "Gas" in the sampling process in practice outside
14   Liu Rentao (Ministry of Environmental Technology)  Technical Specifications for Pollution Discharge Permit Application and Issuance Oil Storage Depots and Gas Stations-Key Points and Sharing