Academic Report: Risk Based Process Safety

Time: December 13 9:00 AM

Location: Building D104 classroom training leave

Speaker: Scott Berger

Speaker Profile:

      Scott Berger had earlier in the Owens Corning company for five years before joining in 2001 the United States Institute of Chemical Engineers Chemical Process Safety Center CCPS, planning a series of environmental, health and safety (EHS) assignments, and served as managing director of EHS strategy. Scott Berger also Rohm & Haas Company for 18 years, is responsible for research and development, engineering, EHS project. He is also the physical properties of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Institute of Design (DIPPR) and Emergency Institute of Design (DIERS) management staff. He also has a bachelor's and master's degrees from MIT. Scott Berger visited China many times, the cause of China's chemical safety has unique insights. 2015 joined AcuTech Consulting Group, as vice president.