Based on Energy "four security" to make good use of safety standards

Title: Energy based "four security" to make good use of safety standards

Time: December 19 9: 00-11: 30

Location: Building D104 classroom training leave

Speaker: Hao Jun

Speaker Profile:

      Yao Jun incumbent Datang Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., director of safety and environmental protection, a senior engineer, the State Security Committee Expert Advisory Committee of Experts, the fourth national experts, the State Administration of Work Safety Work Safety Expert Group technical support of the first occupational health specialists.

      Hao Jun Since 1986, Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology chemical engineering graduate, has served companies fire, safety, environmental protection department is responsible for the professional people in China Datang Jilin Petrochemical and energy industry, in petrochemicals, fine chemicals, coal chemical production safety work 27 years, has certain safety theoretical foundation, rich practical experience in production safety, is one of China's first batch Exemption registered safety engineer. Has writer from the Ministry of Chemical Industry prairie "Chemical Safety Management System" (chapters), China Petroleum Jilin Petrochemical, Datang capable of safety regulations, security papers authored many articles, reports; site disposal propylene many times , natural gas, ethylene, acrylonitrile and other hazardous chemicals leak, has participated in enterprise risk fire, poisoning, death scene of the accident rescue people and accident investigation, has participated in the national safety inspections. The training, from the energy, control, information, behavior "four security" starting on how to make good use of safety standard system, strengthen risk management and control, to ensure workplace safety and has a certain theoretical and practical guidance.