Professor Zhao Dongfeng, doctoral tutor, the Ministry of Education in the New Century Excellent Talents inductees, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone top-notch talentExpert Group of National Safety Production Experts, Expert Group of National Environmental Protection Department, Expert Group of National Energy Conservation Center, Director of Director of Center for Chemical Process Safety-China Section of AIChE(CCPS-CS), Director of the Expert Committee of Institute of Safety Supervision(Qingdao)of SAWS,Director of Precaution Prevention Technology Research Center, Key Industry in Shandong Province、National Safety Production Standardization Technical Committee of Chemical Safety Subcommittee、Director of HSE Key Laboratory of CNPC, Director of the China University of petroleum (East China) chemical engineering and environment safety Engineering Department, Director of safety and environmental protection and energy saving technology center of China University of petroleum (East China), national Register of environmental impact assessment engineers, the state registered safety engineer, the state registered a safety evaluation division, Chairman of the board of Qingdao Oasis Environmental & Safety Technology Co., Ltd. 
      As environmental science and technology, safety engineering and technology, chemical engineering (chemical process safety technology) three professor and tutor, teaching and research over the years in terms of development and vigorously promote the integration of the three disciplines direction, build characteristics distinctive safety and environmental discipline group, responsible for the completion of Shandong Province, "second five" characteristics of key disciplines than the 10th security Conference and global processes, "green Universities in key disciplines to build a city school project", and successfully hosted the inside and outside, enhance the visibility of the discipline in the school and related fields. Responsible for the "Chemical Process Safety Technology Cooperation Base" approved "Qingdao International Science and Technology Cooperation Base."Also responsible for construction granted "China National Petroleum Corporation Key Laboratory of HSE - East China room"; responsible for building and signed the "American Chemical Engineering Association (AIChE) Center for Chemical Process Safety - China Division (CCPS-CS)" agreement; responsible for establishing and approved the "State Administration of Work safety non-coal mine safety technology support platform"; presided over the application of the national laboratory measurement certification (CMA), a national production safety training qualifications, the state environmental impact assessment qualification columns for industry qualifications, for the community and the government provides a good systematic services platform, and many times by the State Council as a special inspection team of experts work to go around. As the main coordinator with the completion of China University of Petroleum (East China) The first field of chemical engineering Chemical engineering complex safe direction (professional) graduate courses cum State Administration of Work Safety complex personnel advanced training classes related work.

      As the first head of state-level video quality public courses 1("Introduction to Petroleum Industry and Environmental Protection "、JingPinKe a national network ("Environmental Monitoring ",The first translator translated and published two textbooks;The first head of the National Natural Foundation of a National Technology Support Program issues a word, and other provincial and ministerial level more than 30 research projects, hosted by the national and provincial project more than 50 overseas projects 6, 13 provincial and ministerial level science and technology award. In the domestic and foreign academic journals published more than 200 papers, including SCI, EI contains more than 30 papers, 6 books, applications, and more than 20 national patents.

      Mainly engaged in three professional direction of research and teaching:

      1, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sciences: Environmental impact assessment technologies, new technology research and control of water pollution, air pollution control engineering technology, extremophiles technology, VOCs detection and accounting, petrochemical enterprises energy saving and evaluation techniques;

      2, Safety engineering and technology: Risk Assessment and Application of Technology, oil and gas field development risk control technology, process safety management (PSM), Functional safety of safety instrumented evaluation techniques;

      3, Chemical Engineering (Chemical Process Safety): chemical quantitative risk assessment techniques, risk assessment Chemical Industry Park.

     Students for Environmental Science and Technology, Safety Engineering and Technology, Chemical Engineering: master's and doctoral chemical process safety technology three professional directions.