【Notice of 2019-level oral defense of opening report
    On November 22, we will organize the opening defense of the 2019-level students of the research group. For the specific arrangement, please refer to the defense schedule uploaded later.
【Master's thesis proposal】
Place of defense: Environment in South Teaching Building 118; Safety in South Teaching Building 119
Reply time: 8:30-12:00 in the morning on November 22, 2020
Defense requirements: The defense time is controlled within 8 minutes, and the defense is off-line.
Opening materials: Please prepare the presentation PPT and opening materials in advance (PPT should be submitted to each group leader before 11.21 noon, and the materials that need to be signed are prepared in paper version and summarized to the group leader at the same time. After the opening of the question, sign collectively).
All students in the school are required to participate in the opening defense. Students in the first study can have a more comprehensive understanding of the main research direction of the current research group, and students in the third study can put forward their own opinions and suggestions based on their own thesis.

【Doctoral thesis proposal】
Reply time: 15:30 in the afternoon on November 22, 2020
Place of defense: Conference Room A121, Engineering Department