The wind blows in the four seasons, peaches and plums know the meaning, the will of the will, and wait for the prosperity
——The Return to School Day for the Alumni of the Four Seasons Research Group in 2021 was successfully concluded
         Time hurried forward, and in a blink of an eye came the graduation season of harvest and reluctance. Today is a crowd of friends and talents. On the afternoon of June 10th, the Four Seasons Wind Research Group successfully held the 2021 Alumni Return to School Day through different online and offline venues at the same time. The teachers, members of the center and all the students in the research group will look back on the past and look forward to the future together with the returning alumni.
         This homecoming day is based on the theme of "'Four seasons in the wind, peaches and plums know the meaning, the trend of the aspirations, and awaiting prosperity". In order to ensure the smooth development of this activity, Professor Zhao Dongfeng and all team teachers, China University of Petroleum (East China) Xihuan 301, where the returning alumni and current students are located, is an offline venue and an online venue composed of non-returning alumni. There are a total of two online and offline venues, and 133 people participated in the Alumni Return to School Day event.

Fig: Four seasons in the wind, peaches and plums know their meanings, the aspirations are the trend, and we wait for prosperity
Fig: Main venue
Join hands with the present to create a better future
       At the beginning of the meeting, the host Zhang Meng introduced the back-to-school alumni who participated in the event. Teacher Li Shi and Teacher Han Fenglei introduced the development trends of each subject in terms of research direction, international cooperation, curriculum and project development. Then, Lu Mingjie, a graduate of the 2008 environmental master's degree, shared his thoughts about graduation ten years. Yuan Jia, Hou Bofeng, Qi Min and many other masters who have graduated through the online and offline methods from learning attitudes and methods, interpersonal relationship management, and topic composition He shared his work experience and gave the most sincere life advice to the juniors and sisters. At the same time, the 2007 and 2008 graduates presented Professor Zhao with a precious 10th anniversary graduation ceremony. Xia Jingjing, the representative of the 2018 graduates in the safety direction, and Cui Dahai, the representative of the 2018 graduates in the environmental direction, reviewed the fleeting three years through sharing, and let everyone witness the three years of their long-term project composition, harvest and gratitude. Afterwards, the teachers of the research group, Yang An, Wu Mingjuan, Sun Hui, Zhu Jingcong and other graduates from the safety and environmental direction and the students had a touching and unforgettable chat and exchange meeting.
Fig: Host Zhang Meng introduced back to school alumni

Fig: Li Shi introduced the development trend of environmental science

Fig: Teacher Han Fenglei introduced the development trend of safety subject
Fig: Lv Mingjie shared his ten-year graduation speech and thoughts on entrepreneurship
Fig: Yuan Jia and Qi Min share their work experience

Fig: 2008 graduates present a gift to Professor Zhao
Fig: Xia Jingjing and Cui Dahai's graduation summary sharing


Fig: Alumni Talk
        Finally, Professor Zhao Dongfeng made a final summary from the aspects of cultural heritage of the research group, cultivation of talents, and wishes and expectations for the students. Teacher Zhao used the three words of vision and realm, cooperation and rules to remind students to do everything steadily, have an ordinary but not mediocre, ordinary and happy life, and strive to improve their self-cultivation through accumulation of no utilitarianism. 
Fig: Professor Zhao Dongfeng made the final concluding speech
Leave the image, the friendship will last forever
         After the symposium, all the staff went to Sancai Heyun and left a precious group photo.
Fig:Sancai Heyun Group Photo
Alumni dinner don’t say goodbye
         Professor Zhao Dongfeng announced the start of the alumni dinner and delivered a speech, expressing his blessings to the graduates who are about to enter the society and the ardent expectations of the students, and he warned the students to experience setbacks and experience while maintaining a enthusiastic and upward heart, toward thinking The goal of the action is to move forward courageously; to be high-minded, down-to-earth, windy in the four seasons, and not to ask anything. The dinner kicked off with the youthful and energetic opening dance "You are the most important" and the affectionate duet "We are all the same"; unbelievable magic performances and cheerful jazz dance will enhance the atmosphere of the audience; you always say graduation In the foreseeable future, but in a blink of an eye, they are about to go their separate ways. The "You at the same table" sung by a classmate of Safety Research Institute awakens the best memories in everyone's youth.
Fig: Host opening
Fig: Professor Dongfeng Zhao delivered a speech at the dinner
Fig: Safety direction Yansan magic show
Fig: Environmental direction Yansan Jazz Dance
         The important part of the dinner-the team video broadcast came as scheduled. The video freezes the beautiful moments of each member of the research group, showing the demeanor of the research group and the growth of the students in the past few years; the graduation ceremony of the graduates pushes the dinner to At the end of the climax, Professor Zhao Dongfeng presented graduation commemorative books and commemorative coins to the graduates. This is a blessing and expectation from Professor Zhao to every graduate of the research group.
Fig: Professor Zhao Dongfeng handed out graduation albums for graduates and took a group photo
        The graduates used the chorus "Goodbye for the first time" to express "All goodbye is for a better meeting"; "Unforgettable Campus Life" and "Days on Changjiang West Road" filled with perseverance brought us memories of the four seasons in Shida The unforgettable years of the wind; the dynamic and surreal dances "Welcome to the Nineties", "Quilt Dance", and "New Treasure Island" are heartening; the "Shadow Drama" describing campus life brings the dinner to the end.
Fig: Security, Environmental Research Triad "Goodbye First See You"

Fig: Safety Direction Doctor's Drama "Human Movie"
        "Four seasons in the wind, peaches and plums know their meanings". The Four Seasons Wind Research Group has carried too much of our youth and dreams. "Aspirational, and waiting for prosperity", the members of the research team sincerely help each other, and we will continue to uphold the concept of accumulation and transcendence and work together to move forward on the road of life.