True feelings, mutual assistance, work together, cooperation and innovation, create greater glories
Warmly celebrate the complete success of the company's 2020 annual meeting
Good luck with the bull, and the five blessings at Yongankang. On February 8, 2021, the company's 2020 annual meeting with the theme of "cooperation and innovation" was grandly held in the No. 1 meeting room. The meeting site was decorated with a fresh new year, and the company leaders and employees gathered together for a grand ceremony.
1. True love and mutual assistance, work together to move forward
The company's achievements are inseparable from the joint efforts of everyone. The annual meeting was hosted by Deputy General Manager Li Wei. First of all, Deputy General Manager Jiu Jiangbo summarized and reported on the company’s development in 2020 on behalf of the company’s management. In the new situation facing the challenge of the epidemic, combined with the current deficiencies, Put forward the company's 2021 development plan. Subsequently, each department conducted reports in turn, reviewed the past, reflected on problems, looked forward to the future, planned and planned, and worked out a work plan for the next year. At the same time, it also strengthened inter-departmental understanding to lay a more solid foundation for further cooperation and innovation.


Company management summary report
2. Parkway becomes a river, and the soil becomes a mountain
The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. The company attaches great importance to personnel training and provides a broad platform and strong support for the development and promotion of employees. Every effort must have a reward. The general manager has commended employees who have performed well in 2020, including: outstanding employee award, outstanding new employee award, employee special dedication award, gold employee award, etc. The award-winning representatives spoke in succession, expressing their joy and gratitude, and everyone present felt the honor and motivation brought to us by continuous hard work and improvement.

Winners and teams accept the award

1. Ordinary and great career, we are on the way
After the awards meeting, the general manager of the company and the department manager signed the "2021 Target Responsibility Letter". In the next step, each department will compare the goals, refine and decompose various measures, concentrate efforts, carefully plan, coordinate advancement, and take multiple measures simultaneously. Down-to-earth and go all out to advance the work in 2021, and strive to obtain more outstanding results.
2. Chairman's speech
Finally, Professor Zhao Dongfeng made a year-end report: affirmed the achievements of the team in 2020, pointed out the team’s problems in technology improvement, market expansion, and internal management, and emphasized the key points of team culture construction, system implementation, and talent echelon training. Work and give a message to 2021. Chairman Gao Wu Jianling's speech was inspiring, he clarified his own responsibilities and responsibilities for everyone, and pinpointed the direction and method of hard work and struggle.


Professor Zhao gives a year-end report
5. Hua Ting gathers together, singing and dancing
With the "Our 2020" video, the New Year Gala kicked off. Passionate dances, surging songs, graceful cheongsam shows, thunderous applause, interactive games and lottery sessions, attracted a wave of cheers. Laughter, screams, and applause at the party were unprecedentedly pompous.

Everyone prepares the dinner together and shares gluttonous delicacies

Wonderful moments of the dinner

The dinner was presented in the form of a family buffet-style cold meal, and everyone presented their own specialties. The jade plate on the dinner banquet was delicious, the color and taste were excellent, and the dumpling-making part also highlighted the warmth of the big family and the atmosphere of the New Year. . In the dance party that traveled through time and space, the beautiful dance and the enthusiastic smile brought our harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful annual meeting to a successful conclusion.
2020 is an extraordinary year. Under the various tests of the epidemic and the market, we worked together and worked hard, and we continued to move forward steadily in the face of unprecedented challenges and achieved gratifying results. In the new year, we will continue to uphold the company culture of "Baihui will become a river, build a mountain, be sincere and help each other, and work together" to strengthen the synergy between individuals and teams; we will continue to work with the idea of "cooperation and innovation" , With the passion and perseverance of 10,000 meters of chasing the wind, we will be down-to-earth, move forward steadily, seize opportunities, and achieve leapfrog development.

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