"Clouds" talk together, affectionate in the four seasons, chasing dreams, and living up to their youth
——The 2020 Four Seasons Wind Research Group Alumni Homecoming Day event ended successfully
Time hurried forward, and in a blink of an eye came the graduation season of harvest and reluctance. The beginning of 2020 is unforgettable, touching, and extraordinary. The changes of the epidemic affect the hearts of people in China and the world, and it also locks the students' longing for the school, teachers and classmates in their hearts. On the afternoon of June 13th, the Four Seasons Research Group successfully held this year's Alumni Return to School Day through different online and offline venues at the same time. The teachers, classmates, center members, and back-to-school alumni of the research team recalled the past and recounted the future together.

This homecoming day is based on the theme of "Talking together in the'cloud' window, affectionate in the four seasons, chasing dreams and living up to the youth". In order to ensure the smooth development of this activity, Professor Zhao Dongfeng and all team teachers, The conference room of the West Coast Center of Shandong Expressway where the center personnel and returning alumni are located is the main venue, and the China University of Petroleum (East China) Engineering Building A719 where the environmental graduates are located is the branch venue. 1. The China University of Petroleum (East China) where the security graduates are located ) Engineering Building A704 is the second meeting place. There are other online meeting rooms composed of students who have not returned to school due to the epidemic and alumni who have not returned to youth. There are a total of four venues online and offline, and 169 people participated in this alumni return to school day event.


Picture: "Cloud" window talks together, affectionate in the four seasons, chasing dreams far away, living up to their youth

Picture: ZOOM online meeting room
Share, inherit, transcend
At the beginning of the meeting, the host Guo Zhenji and Zhang Meng introduced the back-to-school alumni who participated in the event. After Prof. Zhao Dongfeng gave a short speech, Ms. Li Shi and Ms. Meng Yifei introduced the development trends of various disciplines from the aspects of research direction, international cooperation, curriculum and project development. Then Li Chuankun, Qi Meng, Hou Bofeng, Zhao Fengjie, Duan Weichao and many other graduated Ph.Ds and Masters gave the most sincere life to the juniors and sisters from the aspects of learning attitude and methods, handling of interpersonal relationships, long course of project formation and gains. Suggest. Through sharing and reviewing the fleeting three years, Xue Yuan, the representative of 2017 graduates in the safety direction, Shi Jiana, Zhan Zonghong, and the 2017 graduate representative in the environmental direction, let everyone witness their growth, harvest and gratitude in the research group.

Picture: Meng Yifei introduced the development trend of safety discipline

Picture: Qi Meng shares his Ph.D. experience

Picture: Hou Bofeng shares the growth process and gains of the research group

Picture: Shi Jiana and Zhan Zonghong's graduation summary sharing

Love each other, distance is not an obstacle
Inheritance of customs, with a sense of ritual to commemorate the past three years.

Picture: Environmental direction commemorative coin challenge

Figure: Security direction commemorative coin challenge
Isolate the virus, but not love. All the second-year and first-year students who were still studying at home due to the epidemic also gave meticulously prepared graduation gifts to the graduating seniors and sisters of the third year through video recording and live broadcasting. Whether it’s the song "The First Dream", creative video interaction, relay blessing video and magic video, or every hot spot game, every song, every sentence, every action is full of the brothers and sisters. Blessings and reluctance. And all the 17-level graduates of the third year of graduate school also used a song "Farewell" to say their last goodbye to their three-year graduate career.

Picture: Blessing Video

Picture: 2017 graduates' chorus song "Farewell"
Past, present, Future
Finally, Professor Zhao Dongfeng made a final summary from the aspects of cultural heritage of the research group, cultivation of talents, and wishes and expectations for the students. Teacher Zhao used three words: rules, conscience, and voice to remind students to do everything carefully, strictly demand themselves, and strive to improve their own self-cultivation while improving their judgment.

Picture: Professor Dongfeng Zhao made the final concluding speech
According to the conditions of his alma mater, it is difficult to give up the fellowship. Three years in a hurry are fleeting, and before we wait for the last period of time to get along, we must pack up our bags to say goodbye to each other, but we must remember that the Four Seasons Wind Research Group is always the place where our dreams begin. I hope that the 2017 graduates will turn the reluctance of parting into gentle expectations, continue to be down-to-earth in the next journey of life, always keep every love in their hearts, and go to the next mountains and seas of life.