Four seasons wind, no questions west east, aim high, down to earth

-- The graduation seminar and the first lecture of the Fourth Monsoon Research Group were successfully held

On the afternoon of June 9th, the graduation seminar and the first lecture of the four monsoon research group, "Wind in four Seasons, No questions, High ambitions, Down to earth", were successfully held in 102 Liupei Building. Chemical engineering professor dong-feng zhao chaired the meeting, emergency management department party member, chief engineer, the People's Republic of China, deputy party secretary of occupational safety and health association, China university of petroleum (east China) distinguished professor Wang Haoshui invited as the first began to guests, chemical engineering, dean of xin-mei liu, party secretary yong-ning zhang, Liu Yi, vice secretary of party committee, vice President of the guang-hui xu to attend the meeting, Teachers of the school, all graduates of the Four monsoon research group, doctors and graduate representatives of the chemical engineering, environment and safety engineering majors of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering attended the conference.


At the beginning of the meeting, as the moderator, Professor Zhao Dongfeng wished all the graduate students and chemical safety graduates a happy graduation, and introduced the origin of the four-monsoon research group. After that, Zhang Yongning, Party Secretary of college of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, was invited to deliver a welcome speech. Secretary Zhang first thanked Professor Wang Haoshui for his long-term care and support to the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and his love for the discipline of safety engineering and the major of chemical safety. Then it introduces the initial intention and purpose of the college to build hua-yun Lecture Hall. Building Huayuan Lecture Hall into a brand of Party building and education is to meet the internal needs of students' growth and development. It is an important measure to deepen cultural education and an inevitable requirement for the development of college under the guidance of Party construction. Secretary Zhang stressed that the college must build Huayuan Lecture Hall into a brand of party construction and education that is of great significance to the growth of students of the College and has great influence both inside and outside the school.



At the conference, Professor Wang Haosui held high hopes for the graduate students of the four Monsoons research Group and the graduate students of chemical safety. He hoped that all of you would contribute to the development of our country in the future. Professor Wang Haosui interpreted the theme of the conference in an all-round way from three aspects of "political", "to temper his own world outlook" and "to keep strong fighting spirit", combined with his own years of experience. And warned graduates to look at the problem from the perspective of dialectics, do more without utilitarian accumulation, and to maintain passion and fighting spirit, love work and love life. Professor Wang hao-shui's lecture is simple and profound, which imparts valuable experience to all graduates. Later in the q&A session, Professor Wang Haosui patiently answered the graduates' questions about "the difference between the government and enterprises' perspective on safety management" and "how to give play to the power to ensure the safety of enterprises from the grassroots", and urged them to "work hard when you have something to do, read more when you have nothing to do".


Later, Liu Xinmei, dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, expressed her sincere thanks to Professor Wang Haoshui for attending the graduation seminar of the four Monsoons research Group and the first lecture of Huayun Lecture Hall. Secondly, President Liu pointed out that Huayuan Lecture Hall is the experience imparting and knowledge sharing for all graduates of the college. All graduates should aim high and be down-to-earth. I hope the college will be proud of you in the future.

In the second half of the conference, the alumni representative Hou Bofeng, the graduates Guo Zhenji, Li Hongbin, Zhang Yunrui, Liu Zhongyuan, shared their rich learning and working experience, reviewed and appreciated their growth in the big family of the Four Monsoon research group, and had a good vision for their own future and the future of the research group!


In the end, Professor Zhao thanked dean Liu, Secretary Zhang and General Wang for attending and making a speech, and put forward requirements for everyone to "aim high and be down-to-earth". Teacher Zhao hopes that everyone in the research group can learn to think, pay attention to their studies, understand life, can have a mature thought, with science and courage to overcome ignorance and fear, with conscience to help and support others, do an ordinary but not mediocre person. Finally, with the theme of "Four seasons, no questions, high ambitions, down to earth", we send our best wishes to all the graduates.