The second regular meeting of the Environment Group in the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year was successfully held
On December 9, 2021, the second regular meeting of the Environment Group of the Four Seasons Research Group in the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year was successfully held at Nanjiao 117. In this regular meeting, Mr. Fenglei Han, based on years of experience, shared the relevant methods of using Endnote, and at the same time, 21st-level doctoral student Bai Mingqi shared the skills of essay writing. Participants included Teacher Li Shi, Teacher Zhang Qingdong, Teacher Han Fenglei, Teacher Liu Chunshuang, Teacher Liu Qiyou, Teacher Lu Lei, Center Expert Dianguo, and all the students in the Four Seasons Research Group.
Figure 1 Site of the regular meeting
From the introduction of Endnote, how to use Endnote to import references, the management of references, and the application of Endnote in the writing of papers, Fenglei Han will show you how to use Endnote and its effects through practical demonstrations. The questions raised were answered in detail. Endnote has the advantages of convenient use and powerful functions, which can greatly improve the efficiency of e-document reading and management, and also provide great convenience for teachers and students to write documents in the future.
Figure 2 Teacher Fenglei Han shared the use of Endnote
Subsequently, the 21st-level doctoral student Bai Mingqi analyzed the writing skills of essays from two aspects: how to publish high-level essays and how to write essays, focusing on the construction of thesis framework and the translation of thesis writing. Bai Mingqi said: There are no shortcuts to the road to success. The essential skills for a paper are to insist on reading the literature, insist on writing the paper, insist on submitting the paper, and insist on changing the paper. Bai Mingqi taught many practical essay writing skills based on her own submission experience, which benefited the students a lot.
Figure 3 Bai Mingqi shares essay writing skills
Finally, Mr. Li Shi summarized this regular meeting. Teacher Li Shi fully affirmed the content of the regular meeting and encouraged students to insist on writing papers and submitting papers. Teacher Li Shi said: "Even if the submission is rejected, it is a process of growing up."
Figure 4 Teacher Li Shi summarizes the content of the regular meeting
The purpose of this regular meeting is to let everyone learn to use Endnote for electronic literature reading and management, and learn the skills of essay writing, so that everyone can be more comfortable in the future scientific research life. The participants benefited a lot and had a deeper understanding of the use of professional software and the writing of papers.